Phlebodium aureum Blue Star (pot not included)

Phlebodium aureum Blue Star


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Phlebodium aureum Blue Star is an indoor fern with amazing elongated and strappy blue-green-grey trifolate leaves that add an architectural contrast to contemporary or traditional decor. Commonly known as the Blue Star Fern, it is great in a dull corner or as a backdrop to other greenery.

Particularly easy to care for, vigorous and sturdy, it keeps its leaves and is also effective at removing a range of toxins from the air. As it prefers high humidity, this is a useful plant for batchrooms. The unusual leaves of Blue Star are lovely when used for flower arranging.

Please note: Pot not included.

Common names: Golden Polypody, Blue Star Fern, Blue Fern

Height: 30cm

Care: Bright light but keep out of direct sunlight. Keep away from draughts and cold spots. Enjoys high humidity so mist leaves frequently. Water once a week.

Note: Not toxic for cats and dogs.