Kaneshin Bonsai Tweezers
Kaneshin Bonsai Tweezers

Kaneshin Bonsai Tweezers with Spatula



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Tools for bonsai care are precision instruments designed to do a very particular job. Designed for needle plucking and leaf removal, these Bonsai Tweezers are great for intricate jobs that require a delicate touch. The reverse end has a curved spatula for weeding.


Expertly designed and made, these Bonsai Tweezers will bring exquisite Japanese traditions to your own home. Hand forged using hard wearing carbon steel, by skilled craftspeople, these tweezers are an invaluable tool for bonsai shaping.

Details & Care
  • Made from Carbon Steel
  • Use Crean Mate to remove rust, then dry wipe over with Camellia Oil
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight 45g