Le Souk

Burford's enticing marketplace offering eclectica, exotica and intriguingly different items. From beautiful kilims and handcrafted furniture to vintage jewellery, original art and weirdly wonderful plants, many are totally unique so snap them up before they disappear!

Mathieu Challières Small Birdcage Ceiling Light

Rupert Aker: Laurie Lee's Cottage

Mathieu Challières Birdcage Table Lamp

Mary Johnson Bee Bowl

Mathieu Challières Birdcage Floor Lamp

Katharine Miller: Christchurch Meadow – Evening

Polished Copal Amber

Martin Cash: Patience

Chris Rothero: The Artist

Martin Cash: Coy

Gold Dalek

David Hopkins: Fruit and Veg Montage #6

Bluetooth Vintage Radio Radiola

Six Vintage Metal Garden Chairs

Bluetooth Vintage Radio Dehay

Handmade Art Dolls Eve

Bluetooth Vintage Radio Sonora

Handmade Art Doll Kuhol

Bluetooth Vintage Radio Loewe

Diana Tonnison: Fruit Market Lemons

Devon Contemporary Armchair in Ash and Elm

Diana Tonnison: Mixed Fruit and Veg Box VII

Devon Contemporary Bench in Ash and Elm

Diana Tonnison: Mixed Fruit and Veg Box VIX

Handmade Fabric Red Stag Head

Prairie Planted Bottle Terrarium

Darwin Windsor Chair in Elm and Ash

Jungle Planted Bottle Terrarium

Mathieu Challières Half-Large Birdcage Ceiling Light

Pamela Harrison: Spitting Sea