Le Souk

Burford's enticing marketplace offering eclectica, exotica and intriguingly different items. From beautiful kilims and handcrafted furniture to vintage jewellery, original art and weirdly wonderful plants, many are totally unique so snap them up before they disappear!

Gold Dalek

Jane Vaux: River Reflection

Vintage Apothecary Bottles

1960s Silver Bangle

Sue Godfrey: Woodland

Sue Godfrey: New Levels

Tang Dynasty Terracotta Horse

Glass Grape Cluster Tutti Frutti Ceiling Lights

Polished Copal Amber

Ming Dynasty Processional Figure

Fossilised Wood

King Ecclesiastical Figure

American Vandor Pelzman Celestial Wings and Stars Coffee/Tea Service

Jane Vaux: Hebridean Light

Caroline Chappell: Uphill Barns

Rupert Aker: Chilton Park Farm, Brill

Michael Bell: Misty Morning Blue

Nicki Gwynn-Jones: Sea Glass XI

Glass Grape Cluster Ceiling Lights

Rare Indus Valley Bowl Beasts

Mathieu Challières Half-Large Birdcage Ceiling Light

Rare Persian Bowl

Mathieu Challières Small Birdcage Ceiling Light

Mathieu Challières Birdcage Table Lamp

Rare Indus Valley Jug

Mathieu Challières Mini Birdcage Table Lamp

Greek Vase

Walnut Windsor Rocking Chair

Chris Rothero: Tower of Dreams

Hannah Shergold: Bronze Lynx Sculpture

Suzani Embroidered Rug – Peahens

Suzani Embroidered Rug – Flamingo

Chris Rothero: The Artist

Joe Inglis: Embrace

Joe Inglis: Perfectly Balanced (Chateau Villemagne 1987)

Tom Grand: Pig