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Few can resist the lure of cooking outside, with its sizzling aromas and smoky flavours; it is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends in the sunshine.

With such an array of fire pits, barbecues and pizza ovens available, it can be hard to know where to begin, but initially, consider whether you are just looking to cook or need something that can also keep you warm in the cooler months.

For cooking and warmth

Fire pits or kadais are a wonderful way of combining feast and fire. Both are fuelled by wood or charcoal and have a large surface area on which to grill. Secure on a metal stand, once the cooking is complete they can be lowered, transforming into a comfortable, social centrepiece, adding warmth to a gathering; or simply to use as a firepit in the cooler months. Consider the size of bowl you require as the larger the surface area for grilling, the more fuel you will need. Grills, swing arms, cooking bowls and tripods are available to extend the cooking versatility. A firepit can be left outside all year, its propensity to rust over time merely adding to its authentic, rustic appeal.

For cooking

This is where personal preference comes in. Are you hankering for flames and true campfire cooking or are you happy to experience the joys of grilling outside in a sleeker, cleaner way? This will dictate whether a gas or wood fired cooker is preferable. Models vary in size, function and portability so consider your intended use- do you like to entertain large groups of friends? Have you got a large outdoor space or a small balcony? Does it need to be portable for camping?

Wood fired cooking

Lighting a fire is one of life’s simple pleasures, and offering a contemporary twist on the classic barbecue is the OFYR range utilising a circular cooking plate. A stylish addition to any outdoor space, with its sculptural design and excellent functionality, the concept behind this range is sociability - transforming outdoor cooking from being a solitary occupation to one of genial connection with others.

For the traditionalist, a standard barbecue, using charcoal or wood briquettes provides the authentic chargrilled flavour synonymous with eating outside. Since 1952 Weber has been the go-to brand for barbecues, inventing the kettle barbecue from a marine buoy in Chicago! It has a large range of barbecues to suit most requirements and is renowned for its fantastic range of accessories. For a speedy barbecue, we particularly like the Rapidfire Chimney Starter, designed to heat up your briquettes quickly before tossing them into the barbecue, so that you are ready to cook in a shorter time.

Gas or Electric Cooking

In regard to speed, it’s important to note that not everyone wants to wait for their coals to warm up or deal with messy ashes afterwards. A gas or electric barbecue allows quick, convenient cooking, and the availability of flavoured wood chips offers the smoky flavours that traditionalists desire. Weber’s Lumin is a great example of a reasonably priced plug-in electric barbecue, with steam, grill or smoke capabilities and easy fold away storage. To have variable control of cooking temperatures, gas will always have the upper hand. For a compact, portable gas grill, the neat Go Anywhere gas barbecue is easy to clean and ideal for camping trips, cooking for two or a snug balcony.

Whatever the choice of outdoor appliance, you can be assured there are accessories available, covering everything from gloves to cleaning products, to ensure your outdoor cooking will continue to be an easy, enjoyable experience for years to come.

Sophie and her friendly Outdoor Living team here are always happy to have a chat (either in person or over the phone) if you need help deciding which model is best for you.