How to: Make a Mossy Candle Nest

Follow our easy guide to creating a beautiful, natural themed centrepiece for your winter entertaining table.

You will need
  • Living moss, sustainably foraged or purchased (make sure you dampen thoroughly before use, and spritz with water before each lighting of the candle)
  • Long dinner candles
  • Small, tall sided cups, preferably the size of an espresso cup (here we have used our botanical printed espresso cups from Sthal)
Burford Garden Company
  • Separate out a generous handful of your dampened moss.
  • Place a candle upright in the centre of a cup and hold it steady with one hand.
Burford Garden Company
  • With your other hand, start to push down the moss around the candle, making sure you are getting right to the bottom. Keep adding moss until the cup is full and the candle is securely held in place.
  • Place your creation along your tablescape, for a warm, wintery ambience. Make sure you extinguish the candles a good inch before the wax meets the moss, to avoid fire hazards.
Burford Garden Company
Burford Garden Company