Our Ten Favourite Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners

Choosing a present for someone with a keen interest in plants and gardening can seem at first glance to be an easy task, but on closer inspection the sheer diversity of choice can be daunting. To help you narrow down your decision, we’ve amassed a list of some of our favourite gifts for the green-fingered, all available both online and in store.

Small Original Royal Sussex Trug

A wooden trug is something special that will be treasured for years to come, but may not be something you’d consider buying yourself which makes it an ideal gift. Beautifully crafted and visually appealing in any kitchen but also functional enough to collect cut flowers or vegetables from the garden.

Sussex Trug
GR Secateurs

Probably the most important tool for any gardener, a quality pair of secateurs makes all the difference, cutting plants efficiently and sitting comfortably in your hand. Japanese precision, ergonomic design and brightly coloured handles (easy to spot in the flower bed) raise these secateurs above the norm.

Gifts for Gardeners
GR Secateurs and Single Holster
Niwaki Holster

Most gardeners we know spend an awful lot of time asking ‘now where did I put those secateurs?’ It seems to be a hazard that comes with the territory, but one that can be resolved neatly with the addition of a holster. Slipping easily onto any belt, this beautifully crafted leather holster keeps tools close to hand, shown above with the GR secateurs.

Camellia Oil

Oil from the seeds of Camellia oleifera is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting tools from rust and leaves a non oily finish. Perfect as a stocking filler or for the person that has everything, this handy little bottle of oil will keep garden tools clean and ready for next season.

Camellia Oil
Spiral Obelisk

This is a fantastic aid in the garden, supporting climbing plants (perfect for sweet peas) and providing real visual impact and height to any scheme. What we really like about this gift is the ability to place a matching composter inside so that the plants use the compost to grow up the obelisk. It also looks amazing draped in a garland of fresh fir foliage as an imaginative take on a Christmas tree.

Spiral Obelisk
Spiral Trees
Growbar - Jane Austen

These Growbars make a fantastic present for anyone, young or old. Incredibly easy to grow with a vast choice of themes from historical plants to zesty beer herbs, the novelty of wetting the block and watching what happens will appeal to all.

Grow Bar Jane Austin
Heart Shaped Trowel

With a sharp tip, this little trowel is ideal for removing stones, planting bulbs and all the other fiddly jobs in the garden. What elevates it for us is its heart shape, so make sure you gift it to someone special.

Heart Shaped Trowel
Dry Touch Gardening Gloves

Always a great idea for anyone getting their hands dirty, these identifiable bright yellow gloves are made from supple deerskin and have been endorsed by RHS. In sizes suitable for ladies and gentlemen, they fit snugly and allow for dexterity alongside tough protection.

Soft Touch Gloves
Minkar Watering Can

As one of the important micronutrients plants need to thrive, the use of copper in the garden is said to be highly beneficial. The Minkar watering can add trace elements to the water which pours effortlessly through its shaped spout. With its copper glow it seems completely in keeping with the festive season and is a stunning accessory for any conservatory or greenhouse.

Minkar Watering can
David Austin’s English Roses by Michael Marriott

Written by the senior rosarian at the renowned David Austin nursery, this is a stunning compilation which anyone with a love of roses will enjoy. A brilliant guide to use when compiling a rose wish list or simply to admire the exquisite beauty of these wonderful plants.

David Austin English Roses
It goes without saying that we simply couldn’t compile a list of our favourites without mentioning…

There are a few flowering plants at this time of year that make attractive gifts, such as Hellebore (Ice n Roses Merlot is a good example), Skimmia (Japonica Pabella) and Mahonia (Winter Sun) but there are also little gems that may not look their best right now but will repay you tenfold in spring when your recipient will quietly praise you for your foresight. Roses, or any of our herbaceous plants fall into this category.

Ice N Roses Merlot
Mahonia Winter Sun