Mira Narrow Copper Trowel
Mira Narrow Trowel

Mira Narrow Trowel

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Simply a joy to use, this Mira Copper Narrow Trowel has a sharp blade that effortlessly cuts through compact soil. A practical trowel, handy for container gardening and bulb planting. Also useful for extracting deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions, as the long narrow blade cuts deeply into the soil without disturbing the surrounding plants.


Made by artisan coppersmiths, these narrow trowels are cold hardened for durability and will develop a beautiful bronze patina overtime. The beech wood handles are responsibly sourced from European forests. Furthermore, as you work you will enrich the soil with copper trace elements and thereby provide your plants with essential nutrients.

Mira Narrow Trowel

Details & Care
  • Made from copper alloy and beech wood
  • Weight 200g
  • Made in Austria