The Liath Whisky Glass
The Liath Glass
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Liath Whisky Glass

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A gracious hand-blown, handcrafted vessel, designed for enthusiasts to further improve their palette and get the most out of their spirits. Whether it’s whiskey, spiced rum, or cognac, the Liath Whisky Glass minimises the ethanol burn without losing the rich concentration of aromas, allowing for the best tasting experience. 

Whilst most tasting glasses capture both the concentrate of aromas and the ethanol causing that unpleasant nose burn, the shape of the Liath glasses has been designed to act like a sponge, absorbing ethanol through its walls. Its shape pushes the aromas up towards the drinker, whilst the divergent rim allows the ethanol to escape. 

Details & Care
  • 100% lead free
  • Mouth-blown