Ride & Grind Rocket Fuel Blend Coffee Beans

Rocket Fuel Blend



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Inspired by the founder’s love of coffee and motorcycles, and with a 1974 sidecar as its headquarters, Ride&Grind coffee was never going to be boring. When you need to kick start the day, this dark roast blend of beans has tasting notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, helping you shoot for the moon.


Beans are sourced from Brazil, Nicaragua and Colombia and roasted on a hand built roaster, in a shed, in Edinburgh! The beans are then packaged in a wonderfully evocative, vintage style oil can, for reuse or recycling.

Details & Care
  • Origin: 50% Brazil, 40% Nicaragua, 10% Colombia
  • Washed / Natural Process
  • Varietal - Yellow Bourbon, Castillo and Colombia