Shepherd of Sweden Long Haired Torshavn Natural Sheepskin

Long Haired Torshavn Natural Sheepskin



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With its origins in the Faroe islands, the Torshavn is a rare breed of sheep which has the benefit of a coat consisting of both long and short hairs, resulting in a luxurious lightweight skin that both looks amazing but also feels incredibly soft and warm. Throw it over a chair or use it as a rug for a real sense of indulgence.

Every sheepskin is completely unique and, therefore, there can be variations in both the hue and the appearance.

Details & Care
  • Natural skin - colourings can vary, predominantly black, brown and cream tones, from suppliers that adhere to strict animal welfare codes of practises
  • Not coloured
  • Not washable
  • Keep away from heat
  • Sheepskin absorbs water and doesn’t necessarily need to be washed. A good result will be obtained by shaking and airing outdoors in high humidity. The water vapour will pass through the skin and remove dirt particles and odours.