Tamanohada Welcome Gift Soap in Pomegranate
Tamanohada Welcome Gift Soap in Pomegranate

Welcome Gift Soap in Pomegranate

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Taking the form of a ‘lucky’ orange sea bream, this welcome soap makes the ideal gift to celebrate any occasion and to fish you well! Its intricate curves result from the wooden mould that is usually used to make Rakugan, a Japanese confectionery, and it is finished with a natural linen hanging loop. Use the soap on a rope to gently cleanse the body or hang to fragrance a space, where it will emit its delicate pomegranate scent and goodwill charms! 

Established in 1892 and renowned for making premium quality soap, Japanese company Tamanohada is especially well known for its creamy white spherical soap. Delicately fragranced, with a gentle lather, their soaps are designed to leave skin soft and smooth. 

Details & Care
  • Made in Japan
  • Also suitable for use as a room fragrance 
  • When bathing, lather well with water and gently wash the whole body. Then rinse well. Can be hung on a hook for storage.

The scent of early picked pomegranate is blended with the scent of lemon oil and menthol. A refreshing floral scent.