Fleet Street Exposures

Fleet Street Exposures (Signed Copy)


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Fleet Street Exposures: Diary of a Photojournalist 

Signed Copy

Written by Stephen Markeson

An esteemed photojournalist, Stephen Markeson had an extraordinary career, progressing from ‘Messenger Boy’ to Senior Photojournalist at The Times, and his new book Fleet Street Exposures recounts the golden era of Fleet Street journalism.

Full of Markeson’s iconic photography he allows the photographs to speak for themselves but brilliantly lets us in on some of the circumstances, opportunities and fortune that framed the story behind the story. Capturing an array of historical figures and compelling movements, from Margaret Thatcher and John Lennon to hippies and punks, Markeson’s lens is witness to it all.

Featuring gripping photography, humorous remarks and captivating anecdotes, Fleet Street Exposures will appeal to anyone with an interest for recent history, journalism, or photography.


Extent: 168 Pages

Illustrations: H: 26.5cm W: 26.5cm

Dimensions: Original Photography from Stephen Markeson

ISBN: 9781914424168

Edition: 1st, 2021