Suzani Kilim Blue Feathers

Suzani Kilim - Blue Feather


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Suzani Kilims, from the Persian word for needlework, suzankari, are carefully and expertly hand embroidered using brightly coloured wool and cotton. This Blue Feather design is adapted from traditional designs and intricately embroidered onto a flatwoven background. A central starred blossom is surrounded by delicate feathers and tendrils. The soft blue colours and organic pattern will offer serenity to any room, this can be hung on the wall or used as a rug to elevate both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Embroidered with the beautiful, ornate patterns of tribes in Central Asia, usually Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, with written records of Suzani kilims date back to the 15th century. Due to their nomadic lifestyle, practical items such as tents, clothes and even rugs became travelling works of art, decorated with motifs and patterns that would have had significance to the owner.

Dimensions: L: 238cm, W: 174cm

Materials: Wool and cotton