Acorus gramineus Golden Delight
Acorus gramineus Golden Delight
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Acorus gramineus Golden Delight

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A lover of damp soil, this is a wonderful, ornamental sedge grass to plant near a pond or bog garden. As a Japanese rush, its bright yellow foliage is arranged in a fan shape, making clumps up to 40cm high.

Attractive and easy to grow, Acorus gramineus Golden Delight also offers texture and coloured foliage to accent the front of a border or container, however, it will not thrive in dry soil. The roots are used in traditional herbal medicine to alleviate symptoms connected to the heart and stomach meridians.

  • Flowers: Insignificant in spring
  • Hardy
  • Very wet or damp soil 
  • South or West aspects 
  • Full sun 
  • Divide every few years to prevent congestion
  • Can be planted in baskets in shallow water