Actinidia kolomikta
Kolomikta vine

Actinidia kolomikta



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In full sunshine the summer leaves of the mature Actinida kolomikta are enchanting. Heart-shaped in a lovely bright green, they acquire a variegation that looks as if the tips of the leaves have been dipped in white paint and then pink tinted. The effect is enchanting on a climber that will grow quickly, vine-like up a wall or fence.

This unusual climber is native to the far East of Russia, China, Japan and Korea. The name Kolomiktra, a vernacular word for variegated, possibly comes from the Amur basin, where these plants originated. The location explains why this climber tolerates low temperatures. A recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.


Small, white rather pretty waxy flowers appear in June but are outshone by the variegation of the foliage.

  • Well drained moist, fertile soil
  • South facing
  • Full sun

This fast growing, vine-like climber requires little pruning, just remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. It will need wires or a trellis to climb up against a wall. Some caution may be needed because cats love Actinidia even more than Catnip and are known to damage the plant!


Small, scented flowers