Agapanthus Black Jack
Agapanthus Black Jack
African Lily

Agapanthus Black Jack

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As the name suggests, Agapanthus Black Jack is a remarkably dark purple / blue African Lily, the buds of which emerge almost black. Hardier than most, this variety fulfils the usual canon of Agapanthus in that its almost architectural flowers, emerging from a mound of richly green, strap-like leaves, provide startling colour on lovely arched stems and attract bees. Judged RHS Plant of the Year 2023.

This exciting new, dark variety is bred in South Africa, as you would expect, since Agapanthus is a native, by the plant breeders De Wet. If you can bear to deprive the bees, cut stems of Agapanthus last well in arrangements.


The flowers appear from July to August from rather attractive, tear-shaped early buds and once spent will form green seed pods. Please note they are toxic and will cause stomach ache.

  • Well drained soil
  • Full sun
  • All aspects

Agapanthus are excellent container plants and rather curiously like to be tightly packed into a pot. Feed them liquid feed before and during flowering, keep an eye on watering, and reduce as the flowers go over. Deadhead the flowers to avoid draining the plant and protect from frost in the winter.