Amsonia Blue Ice
Amsonia Blue Ice
Blue Star

Amsonia Blue Ice



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Native to America where it is known as the Blue Star, this exquisite perennial is pretty in all stages, from the slate blue buds which open into pale star-like flowers, to the wonderful willow-shaped foliage which turns a glorious golden yellow in the autumn.

There is a nice story behind the name: John Amson was an English physician who was called in to see a certain George Washington who thought he had consumption (TB). Amsonia assured him he only had a bad cold. In 1760 the local perennial, known as ‘Blue Star’ was given the name Amsonia.


The extraordinarily blue flowers will bloom from May - July

  • Well drained fertile soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade

Deadhead the flowers as they fade to encourage further blooming. Mulch well in the spring.