Gommaire Anton Teak Round Bar Table in Natural Grey
Gommaire Anton Teak Round Bar Table in Natural Grey

Anton Teak Round Bar Table in Natural Grey

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Made from reclaimed teak, each of these bar tables is unique. Revealing its own charismatic figuring in the grain of the wood, the subtle tone of the untreated teak will become even more lovely as it mellows over time to a more silvery shade.    

Although manufactured along traditional lines, this piece reflects a modern aesthetic. With this understated design, each chair is unique, due to the charismatic features in the grain of the wood. Teak, a hardwood, is famously substantial and durable, and promises years of enjoyable use outdoors.

Details & Care
  • Material: reclaimed teak  
  • Finish: Natural Grey    
  • Care: This table will lighten with age, taking on a more silvery quality, an effect that will be accelerated if used outside in summer. Reclaimed wood is a natural material that is sensitive to high temperatures and air humidity, resulting in cracks if unsuitable conditions are met. The furniture should be lifted when moved rather than dragged, and cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust and marks. For any further finishes, teak waxes and finish products are available.
  • Supplied fully assembled