Astilbe Bonn
Astilbe Bonn
False Goat’s Beard

Astilbe Bonn

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In early summer Astilbe astilboide Bonn produces panicles of tiny flowers which resemble frothy, feathery plumes, catching the breeze. The flowers of this particular variety are warm rose pink, held on red stems above a compact clump of shiny, deep green foliage, which is attractive in its own right. Astilbe prefers the shade making it a marvellously useful plant.

Native to North America and Asia, where it grows naturally in woodland or on mountain ravines, Astilbe likes moist but not waterlogged soil and thrives growing beside streams or ponds where the flowers reflect mesmerically in the water. The common name is self-explanatory!


The flowers, appearing from early summer through to the autumn, are lovely in arrangements.

  • Well drained moist, fertile soil
  • North, east, west facing
  • Partial shade

Being deciduous the foliage dies back in the autumn. The flowers do not need deadheading, so cut them down in one go as they fade or better, leave them - the dead seed heads are attractive in the autumn.