Life in a Bag Basil Grow Cork Pot

Basil Grow Cork Pot



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Fresh basil adds intensity, colour and texture to dishes. Used in pesto or fresh as a tasty flourish (particularly sublime with tomatoes), its sweet, peppery flavour gives depth to pasta, salads or stir fries. This cork pot kit is an easy, foolproof way to grow your own basil as it contains everything you need in one attractive pot; simply pop it on a windowsill and water the seeds.


Basil can be grown indoors all year-round, but spring and summer are optimal months. It likes six hours of sunlight per day so a south facing position is ideal and the herb will be ready to harvest 2-3 months after sowing.

Details & Care
  • Contains: One leakproof cork pot, a package of organic seeds, soil, clay and instructions to grow successfully