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Designed to relax and ease the mind, soothe tired muscles and create a sense of serenity, these bath salts contain essential oils of bergamot, rosemary, neroli, clary sage, sweet orange, ylang ylang and eucalyptus, for a truly restorative soak.


Himalayan pink salt contains over 80 minerals and elements, which can be absorbed by the body from a salt bath. This can help alleviate chronic pain, ease congestion, increase energy (we are often depleted in magnesium which can lead to muscle fatigue), promote restful sleep and improve skin health.

Details & Care
  • Made by hand in the Cotswolds
  • Does not contain colourants, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, lanolin, beeswax, synthetic perfumes, palm oil, plastic micro beads or pore-blocking petrochemicals.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Scoop a good handful of bath salts into the bath whilst drawing the water, give the water a swirl round before gently sinking yourself into the bath and allowing your mind and body to rest.

Herbal with notes of citrus