Bergenia Dragonfly Sakura
Bergenia Dragonfly Sakura
Elephant’s Ears

Bergenia Dragonfly Sakura

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In the darkest, coldest days of winter the large, evergreen  ‘elephant ear’ foliage of Bergenia Dragonfly Sakura turns a shade of bronzed purple. As spring approaches the fleshy leaves return to a lush green and produce rich red stems, held high above the ground cover foliage, which explode with delightful semi-double, pink flowers and attract early pollinators.

Presumably the candy coloured blooms of this herbaceous perennial reminded the breeder of the extraordinary Prunus blossom displays in Japan; this blossom is referred to as Sakura.


The attractive flowers of this wonderful ground cover plant appear in March - April and are a wonderful resource for early pollinators but can, if required, be cut for arrangements.

  • Moist, rich, well drained soil
  • Full sun
  • All aspects

Bergenias prefer well drained soil and are often seen planted on slopes, the edge of borders or above retaining dry stone walls; this variety is no exception. Remove any dead or tatty leaves in the summer.