Box Moth Pheromone Trap
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Box Moth Pheromone Trap



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This moth trap uses pheromones to capture the male box moths to stem reproduction. An excellent alternative to using pesticides that can adversely affect your garden by reducing biodiversity and impacting on the quality of the soil. 
  • Use trap between April and October
  • One trap will serve one average size garden
  • Larger gardens may require additional traps
  • Pack includes one trap and four pheromone lures
  • Lures should be changed every five weeks
  • Store lures in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight
How to use

Add a small amount of water (around 3cm) with a dash of washing up liquid into the bucket of the trap. Attach the funnel and lid, and place one unwrapped sachet of pheromone lure into the lure cage (we recommend wearing gloves for this stage), and then place inside the hole in the trap lid. Hang at a height of around 2m, keeping the entrances unblocked.