Chamelaucium uncitanium
Chamelaucium uncitanium
Geraldton Wax Flower

Chamelaucium uncinatum

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Chamelaucium uncinatum is a flowering shrub recognisable perhaps from cut flowers. A fast-growing evergreen, it has dense, attractive foliage comprising fine, almost needle-like leaves which end in a tiny hook. In late spring, pretty almost waxy flowers with dark eyes cover the shrub in a flush of pink tinted white. These flowers are remarkably long lasting.

This tender shrub is native to the mid-West of Australia, its common name - Geraldton - refers to that region. The variety was found in 1819 and the renowned French botanist Rene Louiche Desfontaines devised its Latin name. ‘Unicinatum’ means hooked in Latin, inspired by the tips of the leaves.


The decorative pink-tinted flowers are beloved by florists because they are so long lasting once cut.

  • Poor, free draining, sandy soil
  • Full sun
  • South, east or west facing
  • Sheltered

This semi-hardy plant will not survive frost, so ideally plant it in a container in a sheltered, sunny spot during the summer and move into the greenhouse or conservatory in autumn.