Hairy Pot Chives Garlic

Chives Garlic



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Garlic Chives are a perennial herb, producing long, flat leaves with a grey-green colour. Come summer these leaves will bear pom-pom like flowerheads in a pristine white colour, adding a sophisticated touch to a garden border.


Popular for their culinary value, the leaves have a delicate garlic flavour, making them great for using in salads and stews or fish and meat dishes. The blossom buds of this perennial herb are a Chinese delicacy and can be eaten raw, stir fried or added to scrambled eggs.

  • Deciduous perennial
  • Fully hardy
  • Flowers: June - July
  • Low maintenance
  • Relatively disease and pest free
  • Any moist, well-drained soil
  • South or West facing
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered

Grown in peat free compost in a biodegradable pot made from waste coir and natural latex. Pop the discarded coir pot in the green bin, leave out for birds to use for nesting, use as mulch or add to compost heap.


All parts of the plant have a pleasant onion smell when cut or crushed, however the flower scent is more suggestive of violets.