Choisya Gold Star
Choisya Gold Star
Mexican Orange

Choisya Gold Star

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The star-like, single flowers of Choisya Gold Star resemble orange blossoms and like them emit a marvellously heady scent. This variety has bright, evergreen foliage which brings brilliance to a winter border and in summer is a lovely foil for other flowers. The golden leaves do not bleach in the sun and are aromatic, so this hardy shrub has many virtues.


Obvious from its common name - Mexican Orange - this vibrant shrub is indigenous to the southern areas of North America, spreading across and through the whole of Mexico. It was named after Jacques Denis Choisy, a notable 19th-century Swiss botanist.


The waxy, white flowers appear in May-June, attracting native pollinators, particularly bees.

  • Well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • Sheltered

Position in a sunny, protected position, this evergreen is intolerant of frost and cold wind. Requires little pruning but if a gentle trim is needed to shape, do so in late spring after flowering and follow with a mulch.


Strongly scented flowers and aromatic foliage