Clematis Daniel Deronda

Clematis Daniel Deronda

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Daniel Deronda is an excellent variety of deciduous clematis, not only are the large flowers a beautiful violet-blue shade, but it is a robust and vigorous climber and has attractive seedheads once the flowers have faded.

Clematis have their roots in the Far East. The first example, C.Viticella, arrived in Europe in the mid-16th century. Two centuries later, the Victorians bred numerous varieties and their popularity continues. Recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit) for all round excellence.

  • Flowers: July- September
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil
  • All aspects
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • As Clematis like cool roots, try to position so that the roots will be shaded from the sun by another plant. Bear in mind the space they will need to climb and provide a suitable structure - trellis, wall, fence or other plant - to scramble through.
  • Prune hard to 15cm in late winter/ early spring
  • Toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Group Raymond Evison for pruning