Clematis Edda

Clematis Edda™

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Empathy After Plant, Climber and Flower Feed
After Plant, Climber and Flower Feed
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Clematis Feed, 0.9kg


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With large, vivid purple flowers, Clematis Edda is a more compact variety of clematis, ideal for planting in a container or hanging basket. As its first flowers open, it is already producing new stems ready for the second flush of flowers.

This clematis (Evipo074(n)) looks lovely grown through other wall-trained plants and perfectly complements grey-leaved or variegated foliage. Large flowered clematis were introduced in the 19th century, but Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) commonly seen in British hedgerows, is an indigenous relation.

  • Flowers: From May to September
  • Moist, well drained
  • Container
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • North, South, east, west facing

As Clematis like cool roots, try to position so that the roots will be shaded from the sun by another plant. Bear in mind the space they will need to climb and provide a suitable structure - trellis, wall, fence or other plant - to scramble through. Minor pruning to tidy in early spring and after flowering.