Norfolk Natural Living Coastal Walks Dog Cologne

Coastal Walks Dog Cologne

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Using the finest natural ingredients and essential oils so that it is suitable even for dogs with sensitive skin, this handmade cologne has a refreshing fragrance to keep your four-legged friend smelling fresh and clean. Perfect for between visits to the groomer or for after a fox poo incident, the light scent evokes the freshness of the green fields and rocky Norfolk coastline. 

The founder of Norfolk Natural Living, Bella Middleton, is an aromatherapist, fascinated with the benefits plants can have on wellbeing. Every bottle is formulated by hand in Norfolk, using therapeutic blends of only natural, plant-based ingredients.

Details & Care
  • When dogs are washed and dry, spritz the desired amount into your hands and smooth over their coat
  • Handmade in Norfolk
  • Vegan
  • Keep out of the reach of children