French Climbing Bean 'Cobra' Seeds, 100g
French Climbing Bean 'Cobra' Seeds, 100g
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French Climbing Bean 'Cobra' Seeds, 100g



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The climbing, French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) Cobra is a wonderful bean to grow for long, round, stringless pods. These bright green pods, almost 7 inches long, contain black seeds and have a sweet flavour. This half-hardy annual variety is known for its prolific production- bearing almost a third more beans than other varieties and it is a vigorous climber, winning the race to be first to the top of the pole- and first to start producing beans! 

Cobra bears pretty, violet flowers in summer, which are attractive in their own right. It is a recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence.

  • Plant: February onwards
  • Harvest: July onwards
  • Well drained soil 
  • South or West aspect
  • Sunny location
  • Sheltered
  • Plant seeds in well-watered and finely prepared soil where they will crop.  Secure canes or netting in place and then plant one seed per cane. Plant at 25cm (9in) intervals, in rows approximately 5cm (2in) deep.
  • Consider companion planting with Nasturtiums to keep aphids away.
  • Seedlings will appear in 2-3 weeks, water well until plants are established. 
  • Support with canes or twigs as plants mature.
  • Pick regularly while beans are young and tender, this will encourage production- you may be able to harvest up until the first frost with regular harvesting. If beans are left on the plant, production will cease.
  • Raw pods/ beans are harmful to humans and pets if eaten raw