Gommaire Natural Shape Coffee Table in Grey
Gommaire Natural Shape Coffee Table in Grey

Natural Shape Coffee Table in Grey


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Highly skilled designers and cabinet makers have taken a solid piece of raw, reclaimed teak and turned it into an intriguing Natural Coffee Table with great rustic beauty. Due to the nature of its fabrication, each table is necessarily unique. On four legs with a flat, if crevassed surface, the table brings a wonderfully wild, untamed flavour to an interior.


Sustainability is extremely important - to this end this coffee table is made from reclaimed timber. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is renowned for its durability; its high oil content makes it particularly enduring and long lasting in a domestic setting.

Natural Shaped Coffee Table

Details & Care
  • Indoor use
  • Reclaimed natural teak wood
  • Reclaimed teak is sensitive to high temperatures and air humidity, and can crack in unsuitable conditions
  • To move always lift rather than drag
  • Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and marks
  • For any further finishes, teak waxes and finish products are available
  • Supplied fully assembled
Natural Shaped Coffee Table