Legonart Nebbiolo Grand Crue Sommelier Corkscrew

Nebbiolo Grand Crue Sommelier Corkscrew



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This stylish and beautifully crafted sommelier corkscrew features stainless steel hardware, a Stamina wood handle, and a double hinge lever for long corks. Presented in rustic book box packaging, it will make the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.

Located in Omegna, in northeastern Italy, by the shores Lake Orta, Legnoart is an Italian design brand dedicated to creating original and innovative products from high quality raw materials. Beginning in 1946, Legonart’s journey has spanned two generations, and has involved artisans, designers, woodworkers, cooks, and winemakers, as they strive to produce unique work that does justice to the exceptional food and wine culture of Italy.

  • Stainless steel and Stamina wood handle
  • Double hinge lever
  • Rustic book box packaging