Cortaderia selloana Silver Comet
Cortaderia selloana Silver Comet
Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana Silver Comet

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More commonly known as Pampas, Cortaderia selloana Silver Comet is a large ornamental grass, which forms a tuft of rough-edged leaves, bearing silvery white flower panicles in summer. These plumes dance above the plant creating movement and texture; a striking exclamation point in any garden. This variety is noted for its interesting, evergreen foliage which has white striations giving the plant a metallic appearance. 

The flowers can be cut and dried and are very popular for flower arranging, however, if left on the plant, they create an architectural effect in the garden, particularly fetching when brushed with frost in winter.



  • Well drained soil 
  • South, East or West aspects 
  • Full sun 
  • When positioning, carefully access space required (it also has sharp edged leaves)
  • Comb out dead leaves annually in late winter to allow new growth to emerge – wear gloves to protect hands from sharp edges