Cotinus Dusky Maiden
Cotinus Dusky Maiden
Smoke Bush

Cotinus Dusky Maiden

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Carefully bred over the last decade, Cotinus Dusky Maiden is a wonderfully architectural plant, valued for its astonishing foliage colour, which is a deep purple in spring and summer turning a fiery bright orangey red in autumn. Compact and restrained in size, this dazzling shrub also produces a delightful wispy haze of flowers in the summer resembling smoke.

Smoke trees are native from southern Europe, reaching across central China; different varieties are indigenous to North America. The botanical name comes from the Greek for wild olive (kotinus), while its common name refers to its charming summer flowers, the delicacy of which resembles a haze of smoke.


Summer flowers appear as a haze of delicate colour

  • Well drained moist, fertile soil
  • South, east west facing
  • Full sun, partial shade

Natural size restraint is bred into this shrub but prune in March as required. Plant in full sun for brighter colouration