Shell on Earth Crushed Whelk Shells, 11kg
Shell on Earth Crushed Whelk Shells
Shell on Earth

Crushed Whelk Shells, 11kg


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A by-product from a small family-owned whelk business, the shells are crushed, washed and dried for use as a dressing in terrariums and pots, as a surface mulch or drainage layer in the garden and as a natural weed and pest control. The shells lighten with sun exposure giving an attractive light finish to any landscaping. Three bag minimum purchase.

It's estimated that 5,000 tonnes of waste shells are generated in the UK fishing industry every year, so by recycling the shells, 100% of every whelk is being used. The whelks are caught locally using traditional pots, a low impact method of fishing which means minimal damage to the sea floor and marine habitats.

Details & Care

=Made in West Wales