Donna Wilson Cyril Squirrel Shaped Cushion

Cyril Squirrel Shaped Cushion



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The Cyril Squirrel Shaped Cushion is as spirited and vibrant in his appearance as he is mischievous in his character. Knitted in a captivating bright red, Cyril’s dimensions are angular and highly charming; his pointed ears, to his nose, legs and generously sized, bushy tail are perfect examples of what makes this squirrel a charismatic, cuddly companion.


Infused with a playful sense of humour, a love of nature and an enduring passion for crafts, Donna Wilson’s vast range of creations are as colourful as they are imaginative. From curious knitted creatures to vibrant homeware, each piece is made using traditional techniques.

  • Material: 100% lambswool
  • Knitted in Scotland, then stuffed with polyester and hand-finished in London
  • Dry clean only