Daphne bholua Perfume Princess 3L
Daphne bholua Perfume Princess 3L

Daphne bholua Perfume Princess 3L

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This upright, bushy shrub, Daphne bholua Perfume Princess, has an outstanding scent. The pretty, simple leaves are almost completely evergreen and the surprisingly large flowers burst in waxy clusters directly from the stem, filling the surrounding winter garden with fragrance, so position beside a sheltered path or in a container near an entrance to take full advantage.

Daphnes are indigenous to the Himalayas where they are called the Nepalese Paper Plant, (bholua is an approximation of the local name ‘bhulu swa’). This new variety was bred in New Zealand, a brilliant combination of the scented Daphne odorata and large flowering Daphne bholua.


Flowers: Delightful pink, scented flowers from January to March directly from stems.

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • South or west facing
  • Sheltered position

Be very sparing with secateurs, only cut back dead or dying stems immediately after flowering since Daphnes are prone to die back. Needs a sheltered position and may need protection in extreme winter conditions

Daphnes are toxic if consumed and the sap can be a skin irritant to some people


Wonderfully strongly scented flowers with citrusy undertone