Bungalow Deoli Sage Mattress, 70cm x 180cm
Bungalow Deoli Sage Mattress, 70cm x 180cm

Deoli Sage Mattress, 70cm x 180cm

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Use this Deoli Sage Mattress to make an outside bench or chair feel luxurious, or throw one on a rug inside for additional colour and comfort. The intricate pattern of the wood block print from Rajasthan hints at its Mogul legacy – a tradition rich with naturalism. Captured within a restrained, symmetrical grid, the serpentine foliage and stylised green and burnt sienna flower heads explode with life and colour across the large mattress. A final flourish of corner tassels adds to the bohemian feel. 

Collaborating with some of the best block printers in India, skilled craftsmen stamp the cloth using carved wooden blocks to imprint the designs onto the fabric. Depending on the number of colours and the intricacy of the designs, the printer will hand stamp the cloth hundreds or even thousands of times to reach the desired result.

Details & Care
  • Material: Outer: 100% hand block-printed cotton; Filling: Recycled polyester
  • Care: Dry clean only
  • Please note: As this is a hand-block printed item, the colour will fade if left in direct sunshine or sunlight.