Earl of Grey Black Tea, 15 Fuso Pyramid Pouch
Jeeves & Jericho

Earl of Grey Black Tea, 15 Fuso Pyramid Pouch



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With ingredients ethically sourced from India, China, and Italy, Jeeves & Jericho’s take on this classic, refreshingly mellow, and revitalising blend is a well-balanced combination of Assam and China black leaf teas; complemented by natural bergamot oil and finished with a decorative sprinkle of vibrant blue cornflower petals.

Located close to the city of Oxford, Jeeves & Jericho are team of artisanal teasmiths with a mission to make fabulous whole leaf teas accessible to everyone. Taking great care in sourcing, blending, and hand packing their range of premium leaf teas, Jeeves & Jericho is a young, independent tea brand that harnesses the traditions and quality of their surroundings with a fresh and contemporary approach to tea-making.

  • Enjoy with or without milk
  • Steep for three minutes
  • Perfect over ice
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours and direct sunlight
  • Naturally contains caffeine
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Blended and packed by artisan teasmiths in Great Britain