Canton English Breakfast Tea Pyramids

English Breakfast Tea Pyramids



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Expertly blended in the UK, this full-bodied English Breakfast tea boasts bright and satisfying flavours that are sure to please traditionalists. The Assam leaves provide this blend with a wonderful maltiness than mingles well with the rich and smooth flavours of the Rwandan tea; with the dark cocoa flavours of the Yunnan Chinese leaves giving this infusion both a depth and delightful finish.

Founded in 2007 by Jennifer Wood, Canton’s humble beginning saw its entire operation run from Jennifer’s kitchen table. Today, it is recognised as one of the UK’s leading premium tea suppliers, and, owing to its incredibly quality, it is now served in some of world’s finest hotels and restaurants, including The Ritz London, Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill, and The Wolseley.

Details & Care
  • Steep one teabag in 250ml of 95ºC water
  • Steep for two minutes if taking black
  • Steep for four minutes if taking with milk
  • Ingredients from Kenya, India, Rwanda, and China
  • Blended in the UK