Eucalyptus gunnii Silverana
Eucalyptus gunnii Silverana
Silver Gum Tree

Eucalyptus gunnii Silverana

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Eucalyptus Silverana is a highly decorative evergreen tree that can be pruned yearly to retain its compact size or allowed to grow, providing gentle screening on boundaries. The decorative leaves, held on straight, wiry stems, start rounded but become lance-shaped as the tree matures. These stems are particularly valued by flower arrangers.

In Tasmania it is known as a Silver Gum or Silver Cider Gum Tree because originally the sap was turned into a cheering drink called wayalinah. The essential oil extracted from its aromatic leaves has medicinal uses.


Flowers: Small, fluffy white flowers on mature trees from mid-summer to autumn

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • South, west facing
  • Full sun

Can start off in a large container but if unpruned, in time the tree will need to be planted in the ground. Avoid positioning in cold dry winds when young. If required, prune annually around March-May (after the frost), once established, to retain compact shape.


Aromatic foliage