Euphorbia Fens Ruby
Euphorbia Fens Ruby
Cypress Spurge

Euphorbia Fens Ruby

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This distinctive Spurge, Euphorbia Fens Ruby, has delightful foliage which resembles conifer seedlings, hence its common name. From the semi-evergreen foliage in early summer appear pretty burgundy stems, which will bear chartreuse or apricot-coloured flowers, comprising the typical Euphorbia bract petals, surrounding a delicate red eye.

Euphorbias are the largest plant family, with trees and cacti, as well as Christmas poinsettias in its large embrace. This euphorbia looks particularly lovely on the edge of an herbaceous border, in a gravel garden or planted in containers.


The typical flowers of euphorbia, comprising bracts, appear in May - June

  • Well drained moist, fertile soil
  • South facing
  • Full sun

Fast spreading this Euphorbia may need to be kept under control by weeding out new, unwanted growth. No need to deadhead. Wear gloves when handling, the milky sap from all euphorbias is mildly toxic and can irritate skin.