La Eva Rosēum Exfoliant Bath Salts
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Rosēum Exfoliant Bath Salts



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Drawing on the rich mineral properties of fine pink salt and rare, hand harvested ‘fleur de sel’ from the Algarve, the essential oils of rose geranium, petitgrain and clove will leave skin soft and glowing. Use it as a luxurious bath soak or as a natural body scrub for skin regeneration.

The mineral properties of salt are rich and potent. Chloride soothes the skin; Sodium improves skin cell metabolism; Magnesium promotes skin elasticity and hydration; Potassium and Calcium contribute to the growth of new cells, offering skin rejuvenation and luminosity.

Details & Care
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic Ingredients
  • As bath salts: Dissolve 1 or 2 handfuls as you run your bath. Soak and relax.
  • As a scrub: Mix a sprinkle of salt with either a few drops of your face and body wash, moisturiser, oil or simply water. Massage gently into the skin and rinse.
  • Please note that as a natural product, each time the salts are harvested and ground, the grains that are produced can be of a slightly different size and you may notice some variations in texture between different batches of salts. This is natural and will not affect their exceptional properties.

Rose and citrus