Ficus car. Little Miss Figgy
Ficus car. Little Miss Figgy

Ficus car. Little Miss Figgy

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With its beautifully shaped leaves, fig trees are an asset in many gardens and the dwarf variety, Ficus car. Little Miss Figgy, will produce at least one crop of delicious, purple fleshed fruit a year. Ideally plant this compact example in a container to encourage fruiting and position on a sunny terrace or in a sheltered courtyard garden.


Figs are native to an area of Turkey once called Asia Minor. The ancient Greeks and Romans started growing the fruit in the Mediterranean. This dwarf variety, F. car. Little Miss Figgy, has been carefully bred from the full size F. Violette de Bordeaux.

  • Flowers: insignificant, fruits August - September
  • Moist, well drained soil
  • South facing
  • Full sun
  • Prune lightly in spring to remove any frost damaged or weak branches.
  • Sap from the fig can cause skin irritation so wear gloves.