Ficus carica standard
Ficus carica standard
Brown Turkey Fig

Ficus carica standard

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With its beautifully lobed, leathery leaves, Ficus caricas is a visual delight in many gardens and this trained standard particularly so, especially impressive flanking a sunny arch or doorway. The summer fig flowers are insignificant, but they mature to form the delicious fruit that ripens from green to a glorious purple. This fecund variety - Common Fig - is also known as Brown Turkey Fig.


Figs are native to an area of Turkey once called Asia Minor. The ancient Greeks and Romans started growing the fruit in the Mediterranean. The fig appreciates the rising temperatures of our British summer, the fruit produced are delicious fresh or used in cooking.


Flowers: insignificant, fruits August - September

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • South facing
  • Full sun

Prune lightly in spring to remove any frost damaged or weak branches and to retain shape. Sap from the fig can cause skin irritation so gloves are recommended.