Forsythia Weekend

Forsythia Weekend



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A compact variety of this deciduous shrub, Forsythia intermedia Weekend provides an explosion of wonderfully coloured, very early spring flowers. The four-petalled flowers cover the erect stems of the shrub slightly before the leaves unfurl. The colour looks particularly striking alongside the glowing winter stems of Cornus Baton Rouge or Cornus Anny's Winter Orange.

Like so many plants that tolerate snow and the cold, Forsythia is indigenous to Asia and is part of the olive family. Curiously, its erect stems are uniquely used to play a zither-like stringed instrument in Korea called an ajaeng. The Forsythia family takes its name from the 18th-century royal head gardener and founding member of the RHS, William Forsyth.


Flowers: From March-April a mass of brilliant flowers will smother the shrub’s erect stems.

  • Moist, well drained soil
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • South, West or East facing

This low maintenance shrub needs little attention but in addition to removing dead, diseased or damaged stems, it is a good idea to thin out overcrowded stems down to the base after flowering.