Francoa Petite Bouquet
Bridal Wreath

Francoa Petite Bouquet

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Enchanting at the front of a well-drained, partially shady border, the dwarf-formed Francoa sonchifolia Petite Bouquet has attractive leaves that form in a basal rosette on the ground before developing into a restrained clump. In midsummer, emerge robust, slim stems that bear racemes of delightful four-petalled flowers with decorative dark central blotches. 


These delightfully pretty flowers are native to Chile, while they are tolerant of cool, mild weather, being semi-hardy they will not like prolonged frosts so protect in the winter. The sonchifolia in the name means the leaves resemble those of sow or milk thistles.


Long lasting flowers appear in midsummer and last until October.

  • Well drained, fertile, moist soil
  • South or west facing
  • Full sun, partial shade

If you have not used them for arrangements, once the flowers are spent it is lovely to leave them in situ since they look extremely attractive in the autumn garden.