Gaultheria procumbens Big Berry
Gaultheria procumbens Big Berry

Gaultheria procumbens Big Berry

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The December fruits of Gaultheria procumbens Big Berry are large, red and extremely attractive against the dark, shiny foliage, making this prostrate American shrub a lovely alternative to holly.  The pretty, late summer flowers hang bell-like along the stems and the evergreen foliage takes on a handsome bronze, reddy-purple tone during the winter.

Also known as Teaberry or Squawberry, Gaultheria is indigenous to the north of North America. While its need for ericaceous soil means that in areas local to Burford it has to be grown in a container, the vivid red berries (on the female plant) justify the effort since it makes a charming and unusual Christmas decoration with nicely scented leaves and berries.


Flowers: Bell shaped white to pink flowers in late summer

  • Moist, well drained ericaceous soil
  • Shade, partial shade
  • All aspects

Slow growing and requires little or no pruning, simply remove any dead or damaged shoots in spring.


The crushed leaves and berries smell pleasantly of antiseptic cream!