Life in a Bag Good Luck Clover Grow Bag

Good Luck Clover Grow Bag

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One of the joys of childhood is to seek a four-leaf clover, often without success! This growbag kit is an easy, foolproof way to grow your own lucky clover as it contains everything you need in one bag; simply pop it on a windowsill and water the seeds. Grow your own supply for important events or give this to someone as a quirky way to say good luck!


A variation of the common three-leaf clover, a clover with four leaves is found in a frequency of 1 in 5000 according to a survey of approximately 7 million clovers. Some say four leaf clovers allow you to see fairies, but traditionally, since Victorian times, they are perceived as lucky, with the four petals denoting hope, faith, love and luck. 

Details & Care
  • Contains: One leakproof Kraft paper bag, two clover bulbs, soil, clay pebbles and instructions.