Skandinavisk Hand Cream in Hav 75ml

Hand Cream in Hav 75ml



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The intriguing names of the Skandinavisk Hand Creams offer an insight both to the fragrances and to the inspiration behind their inception. Scandinavian for “sea”, Hav represents the waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic and Baltic seas surrounding the Scandinavian region, forming some of the longest, wildest coastlines on Earth. A deeply moisturising hand cream to soften the skin and enlighten your senses.


Skandinavisk was founded by two Englishmen who, having moved to Denmark, found that the natural geography, the weather, and the way of life in their new homeland was extraordinary and enriching. Together they have created life-enhancing scents that represent the warmth of the people around them and evoke the essential coolness of the Scandinavian way of life.

  • Made in Denmark
  • Materials: Recyclable aluminium tube containing 100% vegan moisturiser; 99% natural, 20% organic, 1% fragrance.
  • Weight: 105g

Salt spray and sea kelp, hawthorn, and beach rose.